Elkemutt  - Home of Fleece Dog Coats 
and Muttley and Elke - Large Munsterlanders

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Elkemutt Fleece Dog Coats

I have recently started a small business making fleece dog coats. These are hand made, and made-to-measure.

They are not the ones with sleeves but slip over the dog's head and then do up with velcro underneath.
I particularly like to make them for Munsterlanders and other working gundogs when they've been working.. It is good for a dog that has been working to keep their hips and elbows warm as they dry, just as an athlete slips on a tracksuit to keep the joints warm. Agility dogs wear them between runs.
They are also good to help dry off a dog after a bath, or after getting soaked in the rain, and for car journeys home when wet. (They even reduce the steaming up effect of the car windows!).

Below are some of the coats with their new owners, and a closer up shot of a couple of the newer fleeces I have.